RONA Flyer - 05/07-07/29/2020 (Page 3)

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perennials perennials garden new! treasures garden treasures new! dianthus "pink fire" perennial of the year lavandula "superblue" campanula "delft teacups" fiery pink carnation flowers that emerge from a steely-blue to entice even the shyest gardener to come closer lavender is a low-growing shrub grey-green foliage with rich deep blue and early summer requires full sun this petite perennial has large bicolour flowers of blue and white use this compact perennial in rock full sun to part shade blooms early summer attracts butterflies bees and other pollinators performs best in full sun and tolerates part shade zone 3 - available in store early may exclusive veronica "blue skywalker" sedum "ruby glow geranium "boom chocolatta" heucherella "citrus shock" lavender blue flower spikes cover the top half of an incredibly upright height of 28 tall full sun to part shade bronze leaves and blue-purple through to late summer full sun to part shade green leaves tinged with purple flowers that attract pollinators full sun to part shade heucherella -citrus shock" has red centre markings that change in intensity with the seasons a profuse repeat bloomer with long spires of foamy white flowers from spring into summer sedum atlantist brunnera "sterling silver" fern athyrium "victoriae" heuchera "september morn" you can't help but stop and stare at this beautifully variegated are dark green with very wide creamy yellow margins rock gardens or dry landscapes or in combination container with succulents! full sun new silvery leaf variety has stunning silver colour and heart-shaped appear above the foliage part shade to full shade sized clump of feather green leaves with each end forked and arranged in a criss-cross pattern that form deeply ruffled foliage of orange flowers opening to white blooms from late spring to early summer full sun to part shade partial shade to full shade athyrium "silver falls echinacea "tweety" leucanthemum "whoops-a-daisy" carex "ice dance" soft gray green fronds with a silvery midribs part to full shade echinacea "tweety brightens up yellow flowers and its compact habit tweety" loves a place in the sun blooms early summer to fall "whoops-a-daisy grows ball shaped mound of dark green foliage that becomes completely blanketed in large 3-4" white flowers with gold centers from early through midsummer requires full sun this grass has dark green foliage that reaches a height of only 12" groundcovers and containers performs great in full sun or full shade nursery 2020 selection may vary by ont-west ontwest selection may vary by

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