Safeway Flyer - 12/23-12/29/2021 (Page 4)

certified tender tendrete certifiée surf'n turf! sterling from atlantic canada hand-selected aaa beef well-marbled aged to perfection cut from canada aaa beef sterling silver prime rib oven roast cap off cut from canada aaa product of atlantic canada frozen or previously frozen canadian lobster this season! bonus from atlantic canada when you starting at get into cando agropur atlantic canada 3-4 oz lobster tail 85 g previously panache hickory smoked spiral cheddar cheese selected cheddar baked in store compliments shrimp cooked or raw buy i ot $3.99 buy 2 or more worldatu pistachios 12 pom wonderful pistachios sesame seed topped bos mccain superfries villaggio na do mccain bistro toscana villaggi skich buy $419 guy 2 or more buy $2.99 buy 2 or more villaggio or buns 6-8 pk nestle premium frozen dessert selected premium novelties 4-12 pk tham cent breton vinta oris bus duy or more starbucks roast & ground tetley orange pekoe tea 216 pk or compliments roast & ground compliments potato or hunt's thatch pearl withing company harvest tointi timbits heinz beans spaghetti barilla kraft dinner or pasta 398 ml of hunt's thick & rich pasta sauce or tomato sauce pearl milling company pancake mix or syrup quaker harvest crunch cereal or selected varieties family size cereal great seottles fleecy purex co2 cylinder included gift sponge fleo tes idea! 25 sodastream fizzi kit black includes bottle and co2 cylinder while quantities last! dryer sheets 200 pk purex bathroom tissue double choose-a-size 6 pk or ultra pro plus 3pk or scotties facial tissue 6 pk safeway gift card when you spend $20 pre-tax on participating products this week's blue bonus bonus miles when you buy any air miler sincry-max boom chicka pop oukes the supreme towards your grocenes burger report propel bubly montellier swansen rino aylmer vh hunts ro tel eviant cua na mind "when yo purchase 520 or more pre-taxt of any combination of healthy choice hungry hans now available in store! tasty combo pairs well with curry thai chicken or with smoked salmon beer and cider available at selected stores see below for locations "pricing includes taxes & refundable container deposit sreeman too heineken clear 2.0 sleeman stoff ght off! off! سبب ile sleeman clear heineken coors light 6x473 ml tall cans 6x500 ml tall cans 6x473 ml tall cans promo retail 14.95 promo retail 17.95 promo retail 15.25 proudly canadian some determynet lepotyried which presented ice torte.crty cedeixen molts cheap esconhands for contra be deal onesal termikos fax.gutest wond notes theatre altre gudmouto de metalles on the purchased and body to coverts litio os termos de centre carte results from or in roorganisme responding to bom armles wil not be done catedral deyen armlesson rico concert cu coadway and beyond there be amees award in med sydsberedted armes.coctor 200 to the procedere ahooarmoured produd safeway_wx35 p12 wst_onz

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