Safeway Flyer - 05/26-06/01/2022 (Page 5)

marinated in-store & ready cook! try with montreal bbq or bbq whiskey 10⁹⁹1 sterling bakk-xxxxl sterling silver top sirloin grilling medallions cut from canada aaa grade beef 6⁹9 fresh honey garlic or maple chipotle marinated pork skinless chicken breasts meat deals of the day 25%off from 5 pm - 7 pm featured meats from our full-service meat case fresh marinated and glazed meats fresh marinated and glazed chicken wings ask our meat department for assistance safeway wk04 po2 wst_on_bc serve lightlife ♡ bonus when you starting at swiss chalet bonus when you 7⁹⁹ asco 10miles bonus when you 13⁹⁹ baked in store when you all week long! max 1000+ miles air miles® compliments baby spinach compliments simply romane salade romane lightlife smart dogs plant-based hot dogs sa-produit dese compliments baby spinach or simply chopped romaine product of deli beit deli beit gila rica rana gimme lean plant-based ground iginal lightlife selected five ains nestea citrus lemon minute maid orange fruitopia or nestea family size ritz chicke poule ✔ne swiss chalet chicken pot pies chicken aqua gems prefisch unt che blanches de palmidan ranc eney pill freni a recor saumon atlantique fumé smoked atlantic salmon palkkion vasco & co smoked atlantic salmon 300 g or or aqua gems raw shrimp easy peel 16-20 ct creemo perogies potatea crechten gourmet cinnamon buns plain or with cream cheese icing esys vedetale swiss chalet stuffed farcie poulet pot pie-pate delissic 6⁹9 bonus when you sliced fresh when you spend $10 starting at gila rea rana latery well a**** postpart bonus when you 5⁹⁹ cheemo perogies ghelmu perogies behan braised bet sped rana fresh pasta liberte keptr when you 5⁹⁹ delissio croissant bonus miles delissio stuffed crust crispy pan or croissant pizza value sue format valeur compliments ouhy bears ourson en creaton aha dad's when you when you when you 47⁹ christie family size compliments gummy aha sparkling water bolf braise liberte greek coca-cola zero sugar vola taste coca-cola grimal the ram aha coca-cola soft

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