Safeway EASTER 2022 Flyer - 04/07-04/13/2022 (Page 4)

butterball seasoned boneless turkey breast roast frozen 1.2-1.5 kg buy i at $17.99 buy 2 or more butterball ised without salami selezione product of italy 2008 boneless furkey roast they buy at $4.29 buy 2 or more baked in store salam selezione easter stock ups! limited time only exclusive family size antipasto tradizionale product of italy hot cross buns available in select stores from western canada antipeto tradizionale russet potatoes product of western canada russet or red potatoes 4.54 kg raised without antibiotics red potatoes lada prime daha prime toppits colossal shrimp crevettes tigrees noires des colossales sol buy i get 2nd for chicken nuggets plant based tuky @mp roast of ou sol cuisine plant-based compliments cooked shrimp ring with sauce 737 gor toppits black tiger shrimp smartones bene smart ones delissic carlic bread eeee haina lail rus bonus parlour delissio tip wyon ber bra rising leve buy $2.99 buy 2 or more nestlé parlour frozen dessert 1.5l or novelties 12 pk or lucerne cream half 1l tropicana premium orange juice 154l or fruit juices 1.75l selected varieties or bull's-eye diana sauces 500 ml or smart ones frozen entrées delissio rising garlic bread pizza louis stone top ders turen ondon nm pou rance clip catsar cesar buy $4.69 buy 2 or more frito lay value size multipacks 10-12 pk compliments dry or honey roasted peanuts 700 gor himalayan pink salt clover leaf flavoured or white bistro bowls 170 g or pink salmon 150 gor dempster's whole or bagels 6 pk stove top stuffing mix 120 g or club house gravies or kraft salad dressing 475 ml malere bounty charmit napkins solt fors bounty head & shoulders scope or pro health rinse 1l or old spice or secret selected mccafe keurig compatible single serve pods 30 pk or whole bean bonus miles folgers roast & ground coffee pods 12 pk or folgers 1850 roast & ground charmin bath tissue 8=24 rolls or bounty paper towel 2-5 or pes best buy trail mix 1 kg or compliments chocolate covered almonds 900g taconcho αε purex best buy wall value size purex sponge xows norbellel purex lore purex bathroom tissue triple 24=72 rolls or sponge towels ultra choose-a-size giant 12=18 rolls saputo shredded cheese 1 kg or armstrong 900 & purex laundry detergent نورا two bonus miles when you buy any this week's blue bonus bonus miles when you buy any scoops su em milliyi minie wheats! liberte uberte liberte greek ge95 bonus miles lliberte greek air miles kellogg's cereal now available in store! tasty combo pairs well with curry thai chicken or with smoked salmon beer and cider available at selected stores see below for locations moosesead s1 offi cod pooloo ligh lighligh $1 off ginal off! ager hekenle coors light heineken moosehead lager 6x355 ml cans 6x500 ml tall cans 6x473 ml tall cans promo retail 12.95 promo retail 18.50 promo retail 14.95 proudly canadian de boon theme dottores de este sind free to purchase of corpur scoamesp per sem boru pro rywatch armees gebeur me forcuty s20 greppuzhe state of fue to provincia di paga prechod yang berkesan door operatie moeder en by laroch and soest am rovaries and pomen weer by lopone costando and die westerstve partner slider moradores canada safeway_wasopi2 wstone?

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