Safeway Flyer - 05/13-05/19/2021 (Page 5)

fresh skinless pork belly meat value size value size fresh boneless pork loin centre or rib chops panache compliments fresh air-chilled chicken breast panache flattened chicken sterling silver cut from canada aaa beef falue size sterling silver eye of round or inside round roast cut from canada aaa grade beef hand-selected well-marbled aged to perfection boulettes de viande parache italian-style panache panache pork sausages extra lean ground beef burgers line up the flavours prepared in-store canadian chicken sterling silver premium beef kabobs deliver four unique marinades including montreal bbq raised without antibiotics 999 sterling certified tender tenorete certifice compliments naturally simple boneless skinless chicken breast sely sterling silver top sirloin beef air-chilled chicken kabobs with four unique compliments naturally simple chicken drumsticks or thighs bone-in compliments naturally simple boneless skinless chicken thighs fresh air-chilled chicken thighs kabobs with fresh air-chilled chicken breast kabobs new fresh pork tenderloin kabobs with fresh korean bbq marinated double smoked bacon compliments naturally simple split chicken wings compliments naturally simple whole chicken quick & easy outle bacon ralli aisles miles paisles miles aisles miles bulk wieners saucissesfumees ala buy 5.49 buy or more bore me when you buy when you buy when you butterball turkey bacon or rasher johnsonville pork smoked or fully cooke breakfast sausages grimm's pepperoni olymel weiners regular skin-on 6oz we formato bos burgers competents the kig moons aisles sondless toponentes value size son ms wou? the keg prime rib beef burgers or frozen back ribs asian inspirations entrées or muldoon's bites compliments cheese sticks stuffed jalapeno cream cheese popits or cheddar & bacon potato skins compliments beef lasagna or mac & cheese myoffers safeway_ww0b_powstonbc

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