Safeway Flyer - 01/28-02/03/2021 (Page 14)

get ready for lunar new year complime compliments cooked or uncooked shrimp dupacifione compliments parc gravietes lang suiciou new crop bangu yamay cooridge 優美龍牌香米 garlic product of china thai hom mali jasmine rice milagrosa 泰国最高級正妹苗春来主 riz aromatise product of land from western canada yamay thai jasmine rice 8 kg product of western canada red onions introducing new flavours! asian kokuho rose xochii beef bedelig koruho rose bra sla buy 2 or more asian inspirations muldoon's bites or compliments egg rolls or spring rolls buy i get 24 nongshim noodle bowls samyang noodles 5 pk & hot sauce free kokuho rose rice white or brown haiku kosa ricevermicelli vermicelle de date mended m'lord tuates bila eure can pa korunsauce annonatorid canonam haiku rice vermicelli noodles canned corn cobs chung jung one seaweed kikkoman soy sauce 296 ml or lee kum kee hoisin sauce kosa 100% coconut water lotte yukimi potsticka 回 eurs toa danisa vanilla white rabbit traditional butter cookies neoguki lenjer melona new gare lee kum kee sesame mayo 45 siwin dumplings or potstickers white rabatt creamy candy 1088 nongshum big noodle bowls 1148 danisa butter cookies 454 melona ice bars mach balo ml save sign up for safeway e-flyer & $5 off your next purchase of $40 or more!

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