Safeway Flyer - 09/10-09/16/2020 (Page 3)

meat fresh pork tenderloin fresh boneless skinless turkey value size value size try with compliments fresh air-chilled boneless skinless chicken thighs essential part of greek cuisine with oregano lemon fresh skinless pork belly portion sterling certified tender tendreté certifiée sterling sterling silver t-bone steaks family size cut from canada aaa grade beef sterling silver inside round roast or steaks family size cut from meatballs boulettes et vince tissue more fresh canadian lamb loin chops stuffed mushroom caps with sausage honey garlic or lean italian style lean ground beef bison kabobs raised in canada by canadian ranchers freshly prepared by your local store artisan sterling sterling silver top sirloin kabobs cut from canada aaa noble noble try out specs our assortment of in-store marinades and seasonings available from service case noble premium bison ribeye 2268 noble premium noble noble nude store-made chicken noble premium bison inside round noble premium bison lean ground store-made pork tenderloin kabobs quick & easy worlores buddig ham jambon butterball turkey bacon or rasher carl buddig compliments hickory smoked bone-in ham steaks harvest meats naturally smoked regular or beef you wing beyond beeb pec compliments hether pate chinos wowe cgg rolls patcs impériaux all beef boru miles when you buy $6.99 buy 2 or more beyond meat ground beef or mild or hot italian sausage pogo original or breakfast compliments farmhouse or shepherd's pie wong wing or egg rolls have you loaded your offers? load them now at sateway wk20 powst-on-dic

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