Safeway Flyer - 03/31-04/06/2022 (Page 5)

exclusive products exclusive nagano at safeway" our exclusive 100% canadian pork has excellent marbling for tender juicy flavour in every cut for a unique restaurant quality eating experience free noor gourmet double stuffed baked potato 2 pk 312g when you buy any products nagano premium fresh pork loin hotel cut chop nagano premium fresh pork loin back ribs nagano premium fresh pork tenderloin cooked or raw garlic shrimp pre-seasoned so all you have to do is grill! prepared fresh add some panache flattened chicken lemon portuguese bevonast beyond meat burger sausage tidores grill stars! easy to prepare meals and sides for everday grilling orche beyond burger ompliments corvu genre chico peste compliments naturally smoked compliments cheddar style slices compliments coor compliments compliments smoked sausages previously frozen or frozen compliments burgers other select varieties goarse demi baguettes baked in store unse you buy at $1.40 buy 2 or more compliments salads or other selected varieties compliments mini sweet peppers product cracker barrel philadelphia dips original dempers tortila chips croustilles au mais caker mermere galkan philadelphia dips buy 2 or more class cracrer earrel buy 3 or more garden fresh salsa or chips cracker barrel cheese slices dempster's signature sausage or hamburger buns 6-8 pk or pull apart buns 12 pk kraft dips compliments potato chips or extraaa! flavour get ready for easter! ppper we've got you covered! corona coca cola root beer antorted oeuf €99 della assortia nestle assorted hide me eggs value new schweppes brisk or 7up selected varieties coca-cola soft bonus miles drinks 6x710 ml or when you buy 2 specialty soft drinks corona sunbrew non-alcoholic beer 6x330 ml bonus miles compliments when you buy 2 sparkling water great gift idea! our gift cards can be any amount safway wupo wston dc

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