Safeway BLACK FRIDAY 2021 Flyer - 11/25-12/01/2021 (Page 5)

get into holiday baking! prodluca mix & match celery product of usa grade large avocadoes large red mangoes or ataulfo mangoes product of mexico visit chocolate-chip- seasonal seasonal favourite favourites! large golden pineapples product of costa rica jumbo size stem and leaf clementines product pom poms wonderwun சமாக யோக ger baking chestnuts lay chestnuts on their fat side and carefully cut an x on top of the shell sprinkle with a little water and salt hershey's chipits from western canada product of western canada assorted squashes spaghetti or selle hersheys chipits 179 chestnuts product of italy milk chocolate chocolat au lait compliments organic salad blends product of usa organic 3128 tano taylor olo cornishoni alamith asian blueberries product of peru taylor farms chopped salad kits of usa bulk grapefruit product of israel fresh attitude salad blends product of usa 3128 orgjenteget fresh robin hood sched allp complete organic biologique carrots carottes robin hood ghid presto all purpose flour prepared fresh prepared fresh robin hood flour 2.5 kg prepared fresh buy i get 2nd daily in-store mango salsa pineapple salsa off or guacamole dip of colorless our assorted sizes original prepared fresh in-store fruit or vegetable celebration trays 1-1.3 kg compliments organic carrots product of usa 2 lb bag oran cat momento lartbond farm organik gale mike churents butter sticks datosts burn marattesale ilb bag slo prepared fresh organic limes product of mexico earthbound farms organic cut vegetables product of usa compliments churned unsaltid attle stick de bure prepared bonus miles fresh in-store cored pineapples compliments sweet apple cider bulk bet floral compliments wonderful buy 1 at $2.49 buy 2 or more pistachios joy golden yelow sow morsdorée rogers golden yellow sugar starting at pom wonderful pistachios compliments almonds sliced or slivered seasonal gardens or flowering upgrades sel may vary by store coch and match bouquets grown in western canada tenderflake starting at starting at trid compliments pecan or walnut halves or pieces compliments candy phalaenopsis orchids in ceramic poinsettia gardens tenderflake great gift idea! our gift cards can be any amount safeway_wkspozwst_on_bc

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