Save-On-Foods Flyer - 05/06-05/12/2021 (Page 4)

local salad season more rewards free tomatoes on the vine with 900 points redeemed carrito long english cucumber canada or imported we cen support local we're proud to partner with local growers like reza bakhtiari millenium pacific greenhouses peppers yellow or orange inspired 'greens wutle grape tomatoes hot house more rewards earn buy points turna new leaf living lettuce inspired greens living lettuce alberta we can support local we're proud to partner with local growers inspired greens dwi mcmp same san boccalino time feads cucumbers concombres mina more rewards earn mus vegan ranch rese veget points boccalino salad dressing bud white mushrooms canada mini cucumbers date give the gift of gourmet emon western family my storiescors die sounds fug western family breton whicon biri more rewards ellegrino more rewards free points redeemed toblerone reton brookside tobler free points redeemed brooks bronde water er family caste cate brie gourmet gift basket medium gourmet gift basket large bulk we're open now pre-packaged for your convenience western family grab n'go temptation me buy more rewards earn points western family grab n'go snack mix selected varieties lindt chocolate selected varieties royal nut mix salted or unsalted coffee pods mix & match

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