Save-On-Foods Flyer - 07/01-07/07/2021 (Page 4)

produce freshness that can't be beet taylor farms new! nouveau watermelon crunch melon d'eau chopped kit salade hachée rach she watermeon vinale cand allows vinaigritemu san leal taylor farms chopped salad kit aucun we proudly support over 2000 western canadian growers & producers millennium pacific greenhouses growing fresh and tasty tomatoes from their farm melon experience a uniquely delicious new salad roasted almonds and watermelon seeds we proudly support over 2006 western canadian growers & producers highline farms supplying mushrooms to our stores tomatoes hot house red onions green grapes more rewards earn buy points western family organic gourmet blend sliced mushrooms mandarins raspberries usa or mexico more rewards buy earn more rewards points free points redeemed kalanchoe assorted colours hand wrapped european bouquet stunning design of seasonal cut flowers more rewards free with 5000 points redeemed florian bulk we're open now pre-packaged for your convenience gluten free nut free vegan torted com real ubes sunrype fruitsource come servisi western family grab n'go temptation mus more rewards original buy earn 1.5kg points sunrype fruit western family source bars 100g dare real grab n'go snack mix royal nut mix jubes candy selected varieties or fruit to go salted or unsalted

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