Save-On-Foods Flyer - 11/19-11/25/2020 (Page 2)

use on a spinach salad sprinkle with slivered almonds for a tangy change to your greens season's freshest shredded carrot is an easy add-in baked goods like muffins halos mandarins halos - usa sale carrots bolthouse farms - sale celery sale naturally cauliflower usa sale good more rewards earn buy points russet potatoes more rewards earn organic salad earthbound farm - sale rosemary and roast alongside colourful peppers for buy points organic carrots sale sale organic gala apples sale for lemons imported sale mix of seasonal flowering & tropical plants in christmas sleigh more rewards free 'season in bloom beat the winter blues with seasonal floral with 2500 points redeemed pinched poinsettia selected varieties bulk sale we're open now pre-packaged for your convenience western family grango popcorn hateyi more rewards earn points glace fruit deluxe nut mix with for baking western family macadamias pecans grab n'go popcorn selected varietes halves or pieces sale sale sale

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