Shoppers Flyer - 05/16-05/22/2020 (Page 2)

starting friday may 15 load it to get it! your open your pc optimum app open your pc optimum email and click "load offer" the points offer is waiting this offer is single-use only.++ exclusive to pc optimum shoppers drug mart customers sale gain fleecy flings! gain cain selected types limit ihr mit 4.99 ritz ensure ensure ensur pop original ensure ensure ensure oreo coca-cola or pepsi beverages 5 x 710ml selected types applicable christie cookes or crackers selected types & & ses meal replacement shares selected types rest of week 1.79 umit after lint 249 ah litit 10.99 aveeno slutely ageless bright boost unuasher avecno protect nydrate kids dry up to up to up to neutrogena rapid wrinkle aveeno facial moisturizers selected types & sons aveeno neutrogena sun care products selected types & sons excludes twin packs off banana boat sun care products selected types & s205 excludes tnin packs new colgate colgate totes paper towels essuie-tout no nane paper towels 6 roll facial tissues each colgate bamboo charcoal toothpaste selected types uimte the lint 399 limit after limit 399 rest of week 3.1 artert 89 best of weck red rose maxwell powerade sparkling water red rose tea 172 instant coffee selected types each or blue menu sparkling selected types applicable powerade while quarties last norai checks aterimit 2.99 best of week 1.91 after limt 299 rest of week 291 limit after limit 12.99 rest of week 1291 paves tostatos white rounds condes cheetos wonder hersheys s'mores dsid crumos crocow roox who wie wonder hersheys s'mores kit selected types tostitos tortilla chips cheetos snacks selected types & scus wonder white vhole wheat bread 500g selected types unt after mit 9.99 past of limitz after init 2.99

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