Shoppers Flyer - 07/17-07/23/2021 (Page 3)

starting friday july 16 shoppers drug mart exclusive your dues points bonus points offer** is waiting load it to get it! value! "see page 7 for details doritos cheetos ritz crunche nato croochwy original oreo coca cola doritos chips cheetos snacks selected types & sus christie cookes of crackers selected types & sizes each coca-cola pepsi beverages 6710ml selected types deposit & enviro levy where applicable or each lint after imt 249 aterimt 3.99 white wonder kraft whole what only wonder peanuts tide smooth crémeux nue astot baturel wonder white whole wheat bread 500g selected types kraft peanut butter 750g - 1kg selected types bounce downy fabric softener selected types after init 2.99 afterlint 4,99 rest of week limit aber imt 5.99 rest of week 5.99 name evaporated milk lipton cup a soup max dhewe sanels ooh royale ench no name or pc facial tissues 65 no nane each knorr sidekicks limit 4 sterlimt 125 selected types & sizes pc max or royale tiger paper towels selected types uit atterlin 5.49 rest of week 543 unit alter limt 6.99 rest of week 3.99 nestea kicking cascade air complete red bull dro up to non-carbonated beverages selected types applicable kicking horse red bull of monster selected types cascade dishwasher detergent febreze air of fabric fresheners selected types & sizes limt aterimt 4.99 best of week limit alte mit 1299 rest of work 12.09 red week up to 20% off for boon olay mivea neutrogena aveeno daly up to up to natural spring water nivea hand cream 100ml neutrogena hydro boost of nivea q10 facial moisturizers aveeno positively radwant glay pressed serums of moisturizers selected types sizes umt aterim 2.99 colgate garnier arnik fructes fugie extra contro beule belle colg! colgate extra clean toothbrush toothpaste selected types each fructis har care products selected types & sites excludes large sizes & diy shampoo belle color har colour selected types unit4 after limit 1.49 ut4 after lint 299 limit best of week 595

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