Shoppers Flyer - 06/20-06/25/2020 (Page 3)

proxabrusn shoppers drug mart check out our digital flyer for more savings at or with the pc optimum app shoppers š bonus redemption event! pc optimum points extra triscuit nestea only ritz original selection where get up to get up to get up to off off++ off++ when you redeem when you redeem when you redeem pc optimum points pc optimum points that's an that's an that's an extra extra see back page for details 型 測 lays alt lays brea peanuts math- oggal kraft lay's christe coca-cola or pepsi non carbonated beverages natural spring water peanut butter 750g - 1kg potato chips crackers selected types selected types & sizes selected types & ses selected types types +deposit & ervin levere applicable aplicable lim litt lima limit after mit 499 alinit 299 mit 99 atelit 3.79 any after int249 limit best of wed 299 rest of week 49 best of wees 2.49 best of wed 3.79 krngrohner barrrr boites the great canadian gourmet ogres west coast dark belle belle color color no name or pc energizer swartun tropic ufe brand hair colour facial tissue 6's irish spring body wash sun care products selected types batteres oughts selected types & sizes selected types selected types limit umt um4 alterlit 399 after limit 599 alter limt 11.99 alter lint 499 afterlinit 7.99 best of we rest of week 5.5 rest we up to we kn off nung aveeno omega-3 aveeno calcium protect nature's bounty coca-cola vitamins or natural neutrogena health products or pepsi aveeno sun care selected types & sizes beverages 2l products selected types selected types & sizes excludes twin packs where applicable carefree aveeno vichy ceata chunk preda chewy vichy dependo poise carefree uners vichy bio-oil incontinence products anti-aging skin care the decadent cooke products aveeno face moisturizer neutrogena acne products each selected types & seras selected types & se selected types selected types selected types & sices energizer spring 1max energizer belle color |cardaa pepsi toise almond up to uste huggies huggies campbell fr ot scoops raisin bran habitant faday priorin ake up is huggies super boxed dwpers % hair growth capsules 1605 one a day plintstones vitamins selected types sms batiste dry shampoo 200ml selected types kellogg's cereal selected typus & sizes ale selected toes campbell's selected types each each each new tetley nestars claritin up to claritin allergy products selected types life brand acetaminophen pain relief selected types burt's bees liquid lipstick l'oréal uash paradise mascara or eyeliner selected types rimmel london kate highlight palette oh my gloss lip gloss selected types cheetos snacks doritos or ruffles chips selected types & sias nescafé selected types each ateve royale aspirin royale oral-b cuc each biotene emouthashtu abreva cold sore root cover up har colour each selected nicen easy root touch-up hair colour selected toes selected types 99€ royale each selected types bioderma softlips up to slims royale each bioderma each bioderma velour push thick softlips up balms sensodyne selected types excludes large sizes & premium bioderma skin care products selected types & sizes royale original or velour bathroom tissue selected types pro namel original

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