Shoppers Flyer - 08/08-08/13/2020 (Page 4)

shoppers coug mart check out our digital flyer for more savings at or with the pc optimum app shoppers 'im drug mart starting friday augusti save seniors' day +deposit & erley were shoppers drug mart exclusive load it to get it! your or pc optimum app click "load offer" in your weekly email with a pc optimum the points offer card on almost all is waiting that's regular priced 30% in merchandise points! this offer is "offer olso validot wellwise store locations single-use only see page 4 for details white red lays lays rose baao cus maxwell whe house wonder lay's christe mtural spring water white whole wheat potato chips cookes or crackers beverages 6x 710ml bread 500g selected types & scans acm selected types & sures selected selected types instant coffee selected types applicatie lim limt after limit 299 ather limit 2.99 after limit 3.79 ater int249 rest of work wonder oreo nutter butter coca cola wonder energizer finish royale ultimate tiger energizer max sdu max superiodu energizer pet food selected types & sizes air wick air freshenero finish dishwasher detergent selected tipps & shoes royale tiger or pc max paper towels 2 roll- 6 rail selected types lashelast mascara rimmel london stay glossy 3d lip gloss stay matte concealer selected types bathroom tissue selected types lmt4 afterlinit 12.98 best of week 12.09 rest week up to 15% ist of woh up to 20% off limit after lint 593 rest of week 59 limt2 after fint 6.99 best of west up to jamieson jason each essentials multi do probiotic 10" complete coca-cola essentials incanto jamieson probiotic or vitamin products selected types & sizes burberry cussic men bil salvatore ferragamo incanto pour homme blue eau de toilette saated types selection may vary by store while quantities at noraindeks pepsi coca-cola pepsi beverages 2l selected types where applicable tyzenol motrin purex downy macebook use natural health products selected types sims each of tylenol pain relief selected types physicians formula cosmetic or skin care eyeshadow brow pencil each maybelline new york at me makeup products selected types 11.09u laundry detergent selected toes 89€ facial tissues products selected types each aleve gillette trogies fus aspirin blog low dose tablets tena incontinence products each selected types & se hand sanitizers selected types while quantities last norincheck gillette selected types selected types 99€ each no name selected types sach colgate coy hos nu cheerios express sutrisse retouch pro namel repair each colgate battery toothbrush selected types crest tech oral-b vitality toothbrush selected types hair colour sach selected types hair colour sach selected types kellogg's vector special or general mills cheerios cereal each butter selected types biotene abreve tampax always maxwell house folgers biotene dry mouth mouth wash selected types selected types vichy % deal soleil sunuiftact skin care products selected types & up to co bioderma skin care prod selected types & se lantic maxwell house of folgers k-cup coffee selected types up to pampers easy ups like each glycerin family digestive mivea each chceme dipps pampers pampers super boxed diapers or training pants selected types & sizes nivea q10 moisturizer life brand sun skin or acne products selected types & sizes quaker peek freans cookies chocolate selected types & sizes

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