Shoppers Flyer - 01/29-02/04/2022 (Page 3)

starting friday january 28 shoppers drug mart exclusive your bus points! bonus points offer** is waiting load it to get it! value! see page 3 for details the grea oreo bered boost ritz boost original christie cookies or crackers selected types & sims each boost neal replacement shakes 6% each coca-cola pepsi selected types deposit & enviro levy where apicable litt limit after lint 9.99 rest of week 999 alter limt 449 royale kraft doritas cheetos velour croat hazelne smooth creme royale poisette original kraft selected types doritos chips or cheetos snacks selected types & sons royale bathroom tissue selected types lit4 aber mit 499 post of west umt 4 alte limit 7.49 rest of work ab sot coor dober keting horse tide red bull bonce each softsoap body wash 591ml selected types kicking horse red bull of monster selected types tide liquid laundry bounce orter sheets downy fabric softener selected types after mit 3.19 limit after limit 1299 rest of week 1299 limit after lint 5.99 rest of work 599 royale tiger boites colgate burt's hees max als no nane of pc facial tissues 63 each colgate total mouthnash selected types each royale tiger of pc max paper towels selected types limit atrimit 4.49 unit4 after lint 5.49 rest of week 549 limit alter fint 599 rest of week 599 fer turtles lindan ferrero valentine chocolates selected types valentine chocolates selected types lindt valentine chocolates selected types lima atelit 1199 rest of weck 11.99 rest of week 5.00 limite aer limit 1099 dest of week 16.99 xox optimum buy 2 get caruby pes errey kisses up to selected valentine jumbo plush toys reese peanut butter hearts hershey's valentine cards off chocolate hearts of mccormicks valentine candy selected types sims after mit 4.99 rest of work 30 rest of week 2019 customer is responsible for the payment of any applicable deposit or product packaging recycling tee that may apply

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