Shoppers Flyer - 03/14-03/20/2020 (Page 3)

shoppers drug mart starting friday march 13 load it to get it! save your open your pc optimum app seniors' open your pc optimum email and click "load offer" with a pc optimum card on almost all regular priced merchandise day this offer is single-use only the points offer is waiting see page 6 for details lue up to up to drops jouviance oft down curca life brand vitamin products selected types & sizes jouviance ultimetrir jouviance skin care products selected types & sizes pepsi jouviance magistrale coca-cola pepsi beverages 21 selected types where applicable life ultrasonic humidifier lille allergy relief liquid gels uncan vichy terries activ een pedal source cough & chest congestion allery formula ce guida anpellegrino vichy noladol up to use up to ufe brand allergy relief products selected types & se life brand cold uquido nesal care products selected types & ses vichy uftactiv neovadiolo idealia skin care products selected types & sures la roche-posay skin care products selected types & ses sparkling water selected types natural spring water selected types elastoplast new gum nicorette wysol elastoplast caricato nicoderm ust up to variety pack elastoplast bandages 65-80's selected types selected types maybelline new york superstay makeup products new dream radiant liquid foundation l'oreal voluminous mascara colour riche upstick selected types dish soap selected lyous each lysol disinfecting wipes 552 of multipurpose cleaner selected types children's dvill good start bon depart pantene great canadian doritos optimum tassimo junior pus a99 advil ibuprofen children's liquid selected types concentrate 18's or ready selected types each l'oreal hair expertise shampoo conditioner care products selected types & excludes large sizes & premium ruffles of doritos chips selected types & sa tresemme shampoo or dove hair care products selected types & s.25 excludes large sures pc ground coffee tassimo coffee pods each och new poise huggies habitant goldfish campbello huggies mover keratin color chedder papid schevy teachselected types & sizes super boxed diapers each selected tous & sizes cach excellence feria magic root cover up hur colour selected types keratin color color ultime or root retoucher hair colour new.beratin color pepperidge farm goldfish pc granola bars dare cookies selected types & sizes campbell's selected types each new always crest cavity dove honey nut cheerios sylves colgate tampax selected types of crest toothpaste selected types eldudes premium schmidt's deodorant selected types och general mills kids cheerios cereal selected types & sias each antipersprant deodorant selected types new-st ives oatmeal shea butter mist favoured water or minute maid selected types up to semsonyne free each sensodyne cetaphil olay olav eyes olay eyes pro namel sensodyne manual toothbrush selected types excludes large sizes & premium regenerist moisturizers or cetaphil skin care products selected types & sizes lindt lindor mini eggs two lindt gold bunnies while quantities last no rainchecks

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