Shoppers Flyer - 06/12-06/18/2021 (Page 9)

products & pricing are available at food store locations only new arne magnum health break almond oasis antioxia d'italiano gold peak teaithe ben&jerry's banu d'italiano le nonna original gold peak iced tea of oasis juice blends 1.75l selected types selected types selected types each or 5.99 each michelinas fitbowls hot dogs silk law me ler jif michelinas mew vanilla vanille chr fitbowls oikos hot dogs nutella nutella selected types pc chocolate hazelnut spreid selected types maple leaf hot dogs 375 stouffer's fit bowls selected types & sizes michelink's frozen entrees selected types & sus each stagg chili cream first classique cavendish cavendish nutella lipton smuckers flavour pure chicken noodle poulet et nouilles crisp pure fiture loads of chocolate chip doo douch pc pure of blue menu selected types chocolate hazelnut spread selected types cavendish farms flavour crisp freskettle style potato wedges 7508 each cream first loads of ice cream selected types & sizes pinty's buyfalo campbells sandnes sliced mushrooms pinty's white rice riz blanc whole kernel corn betty crocker mashed potatoes selected types no name pc pasta selected types & sies selected types no name canned vegetables selected types & sizes chicken wings or19 rach uncle bens stunnison hereford bistro smart basmati rice meve simon stestrason hereford corned br boeuf salt dececco gmp soldierna corned beef boeuf sale sockey salon more uncle ben's bistro express side selected types catelli garden select pasta of catelli pasta selected types & sims hereford corned beef 340g clover leaf wild red pacific sockeye salmon swanson skillet meals selected types & sias each each each ninies hellman real unico cooked llam hellmann caramel jhein2 ketchup chocolate stupio chocolat danes вена catar cesar arty selected yes hellmann's selected types selected lipes squee zable toppings 428ml selected types canon anos | sony sony mor-exislpb earbuds black furfilm instax min 11 camera c0099 canon eos m50 mirrorless camera sony srsxb12 wireless bluetooth speaker cach ve select store vaate select stressly select storey select store bely june 12 - june 18 uber eats netflix this week's deal optimum get 7,500 explore our gift card mall in-store and online at pc optimum points** for every $50 you spend on uber eats or netflix gift cards

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