Shoppers Flyer - 10/10-10/16/2019 (Page 4)

green red potatoes green giant baby red potatoes es poden ser fresh atlantic salmon fillets fresh chicken drumsticks or thighs value pack 93% lean ground beef value pack lean ground beer 30% rest eague fresh asparagus smart ones wanie bowl smart ones charm ste bounty essentials bounty essentials paper towels 6 big rolls or charmin essentials bath tissue essential everyday apple juice smart ones entrées essential everyday water uiz ripples surro potato chips simply potatoes umplete pancake & waffle mix utz original simply potatoes diced potatoes hash browns potato chips canola essential everyday cooking oil utz potato chips essential everyday pancake syrup 24 oz or mix 32 oz simply potatoes hash browns or cut potatoes iba offers good at maryland locations we reserve the right to limit quantities see service desk or visit for rain check & coupon policy snap new! mobile app double coupons up to 99€ everyday shmd

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