Sobeys Flyer - 10/10-10/16/2019 (Page 2)

alwaysfresh product of ontario local organic foodland onyario compliments organic packaged herbs pomegranates product of egypt or usa thanksgiving day favourites complimente yellow petites potatoes petites pommes de terre jaunes fresh cranberries 340 g or organic 227 g product of canada or usa french green beans product of mexico compliment organic cranberries canneberges yellow-pleshed - a charsane pribat efortur- prodat de canada crew compliments mini potatoes foodland foodland foodland foodland ontario ontario ontario ontario local local local local product of ontario product of ontario product of ontario product of ontario prepared fresh in-store fruit or vegetable celebration trays prepared fresh entertaining made easy prepared fresh off prepared fresh in-store mango or pineapple salsa or guacamole dip assorted sizes organic large pre-ripened avocados product of mexico of usa extra fancy grade large lemons product of south africa or egypt շոորնհասոte сабінесе power sweet pepper prepared fresh mini peppers product of canada or mexico 1 lb compliments baby spinach or spring mix product of usa 312g prepared fresh mixed or tropical fruit salads az a2 a2 a2

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