Sobeys Flyer - 11/07-11/13/2019 (Page 4)

delt masteo charcuterie trio gouda sciutto team wheel cochete cautel cut coombe castle chocolot hohon 40% starting at off limited time offer frico gouda cheese product of holland 1 kg wheel cut san daniele sliced prosciutto or mastro complimente coombe castle chocolot cheese wensleydale with with prosecco wine product of england buy 2 at $3.99 buy 3 or more walah turkey breast roast nac exclusive rôti de poitrine de dinde compliments sliced deli meat code joy merry christmas cheese advent calendar calendrier de l'avent de fromages and pallo new deli served ral sex ilchester cheese advent calendar product of england piller's salami selected bakery treasure mills school safe winter themed mini cupcakes new sweet season starts now bonus miles baked in-store raspberry-filled shortbread boston cake flavours to or greek yogurt cherry croissant raisin or chocolate brioche or maple delight buy 1 at $4.29 buy 2 or more lact 100% butter pastries • made with 100% butter these delicious pastries are baked twice daily in-store florale bulk compte compir oo multi bloom poinsettia 4" pot or 7.99 remembrance day bouquet fresh fragrant boughs cedar pine or noble fir compliments almonds sliced or slivered or cashews roasted & salted a4 a4 a4

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