Sobeys Flyer - 11/21-11/27/2019

urban fresh zone 101 sobeys urban fresh tay day only! fresh pork shoulder blade friday ~ 249 gei llllll family size oices valid until nov 27th perfect for making pulled pork in your smoker or slow cooker quaker quaker chew pipps chocolate chip hentic pinty's buffalo sterling chocolate chip puba-grill pin medusa atte bonus miles when you buy 10 quaker chewy or dipps com wepo snowdonia truckles product of wales selected sterling silver chuck boneless blade roast cut from pinty's chicken halos schneiders you olak sepe reme pure goodness forca wonder compliments schneiders jumbos juicy foodland ortario pod usa bonus miles schneiders juicy jumbos wieners or smoked sausages family tamilial family familial lays lays large 57 long english cucumbers or tomatoes on the vine english cucumbers product avocados product of mexico halos clementines product of mcintosh or cortland apples wavy ondulées original classic classique duto geassicoter kraft sml bonus miles lay's potato chips classico becel original kraft cheese 400 g or perrier or san pellegrino sparkling water 6x1l simple ingredients calories kraft rancher choice campagn tomato & basil tomate et basilic classico source kraft fjerrien natural cheese · fromage naturel 39% marble i marbré 343 carbonated natural spring water dressing 475 ml simples dempster's dempster's whole grains bagels 6 pk or hot dog or burger buns 100% whole grains no artificial kitchen prepared maple bacon bbq ribs full rack flyer prices effective november 2019 thu fri sat sun mon tue wed proudly canadian αιαι ai

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