Sobeys - Holiday 2020 Flyer - 12/10-12/16/2020 (Page 5)

deli castello tickler compliments double cream brie chem brie double creme tickler compliments camembert crema camembert caster buy 2 or more compliments double cream brie danusi castello traditional blue fontina or tickler cheese bonus miles serve bar sartori bellavitano deze topxon discovery limited time offer limited walue time offer size family size european discovery slow rond boewe lenteri lambon blanc cu natural meat sourced from canadian farms natural selections shaved emincé selections sliced fresh starting at starting at deli gift boxes small 19.99 or large 29.99 homestyle roasts whole muscle hand-tied phosphates selection varies by store maple leaf natural selections bakery buy 1 at $1.99 buy 8 or more small patisseries buy 1 at $3.99 buy 4 or more fresh fruit topped tarts or cheesecakes kimberley's bakeshoppe sugar frosted holiday cookies baked in-store baked in-store bonus miles fax hora ubulk starting at multi-bloom poinsettia 6" ready to go arrangements mix and match bouquets compliments walnut halves & uf_wk33_p04

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