Sobeys Flyer - 04/01-04/07/2021 (Page 3)

fresh pork side ribs regular or sweet & compliments fresh air-chilled split meat value size reile fresh pork shoulder blade roasts or steak fresh frais value butterball size always tender and juicy toujours tender el juteux meat protein 19% frottines de viande you yrke jeline dindon butterball fresh turkey size compliments fresh air-chilled whole stewing beef johnsonville dinner or breakfast sterling johnsonville camp kast cava mice maple flavou saturderare sterling silver sirloin tip oven roast cut from canada freyle freybe natural smoked ham jambon fume naturel original freybe ham sticks honeymi schneiders nylend safed ornal man foliada bois de fer bonus miles bonus miles when you buy buy to si0.90 buy 2 or more starting at schneiders ham butcher cut bacon or maple leaf natural compliments hickory smoked ham portions freybe european wieners or frankfurters freybe ham sticks value size format valeur st hubert pinty's buffalo pura grill compliments traditional beef burgers burgers de boeuf traditionnels gratin poulet et brocoli chicken and broccoli gratin hotel reches compliments beef cabbade rolls cigares au chou au boeuf value pinty's pub & grill or man cave epic chicken compliments traditional 4 oz beef burgers 2.27 kg compliments beef cabbage rolls or cheese cannelloni 907 g-1 kg st hubert chicken chicken & broccoli gratin or tourtiere meat pies myoffers uf_wk49

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