Sobeys Flyer - 11/05-11/11/2020 (Page 2)

organic alwaysfresh jib the variety you need for the salad you want with our state-of-the- art growing facilities freshness is guaranteed! redleat local from western canada boston laiteenekabel maabel product canada we love lettuce 299 we've got canada-grown year-round! product of western canada living lettuce assorted varieties duo lettuce product of quebec product of ontario naked leaf lettuce or red butter large pre-ripened avocados product of mexico organic organic raspberries product organic green onions product of usa green onions product of mexico bi-colour seedless grapes product of usa bulk sweet onions product of georgia eat superfood selections smart oropesaladet saladronepteaser compliments sweet bell pers net rainbow peppers product of canada or mexico 3 pk compliments complimente complimente baby-cut carrots carottes coupées baby spinach pousses d'épinards organic biologique chives ciboulette complimente organic biologique rosemary romarin organic llowtorida proovi du canada local organic buy i at $4.99 buy 2 or more product of ontario compliments baby-cut carrots compliments organic salad compliments organic herbs uf wk2b_po2

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