Sobeys Flyer - 01/02-01/08/2020 (Page 8)

eon seafood product of ontario fresh rainbow trout fillets haddock fillets fresh or previously frozen fresh pei mussels 907 gor pearlmark bay scallops waterview market toppits compliments uncooked pacific white shrimp atlantic salmon saumon de tilllantique crevettes blanches du pacifique non cuites waterview market shrimp lemon garlic teriyaki or or aqua star popcorn shrimp compliments cooked or uncooked shrimp ibon & garli shrimp toppits atlantic salmon portions compliments cooked shrimp with crevettes aucten etalar chef crasford kitchen esde sales surf ogo compliments for ng sa le por naturally simple simple naturellement hummus greek pasta felpa resers macaroni & cheese macaroni au fromage peter pasta au compliments naturally simple hummus ano satad salade de pated italiano vcd summer fresh salad bowls reser's sensational sides sensations by compliments soups 625 ml barbecue chicken legs served hot or cold 4 pk monday smart tuesday wednesday thursday bel cele turkey or beef daily deals yes full rack of whole oven roasted chicken moasted chicken $12 petake n' bake pepperoni or double cheese pizza 2 x 12" friday saturday sunday sprike smartwater smartwa coca-cola beverage serik prepared fresh cere party pack wings party pack wings family size sushi baked maple ham plus cost of beverage a5 a5 a5

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