Sobeys Flyer - 09/08-09/18/2019 (Page 2)

the new canada's food guide encourages choosing plant-based proteins more often here are some other healthy food • eat plenty of veggies and fruit • add more whole grains • make water your drink of choice 100% plant-based 100% delicious want to add more plant-based foods to your family's diet? start with these simple pairings dairy-free pom silk plant-based breakfast start your day with a simple 100% pomegranate juice; gluten-free bread you'll creamy dairy-free yogurt substitute tes delicious gluten free katible ieee sans gluten delicieux delicious gluten free eraset sareg sans gluten delicieux sideline lou pain berlinet des litech pande it of cha © by vem bonus miles pomegrang pomegranate juice silk coconut or cultured almond poo little northern bakehouse breads & soy-free compliments organic biologique romaine hearts cours de romaine dalya deliciously dairy free plant-based lunch or dinner try a tasty twist on the traditional burger by switching out the bun for fresh romaine lettuce and beef for a plant-based cheddar-style shreds cubo cheddar style shreds copeaux à saveur de cheddar burgers en plant-based superfoods non gmo extreme griller grillade extrême base de plantes superaliments sans ogm compliments organic romaine hearts product of usa 3 pk sol cuisine plant-based spreads or blocks lightlife lightlife lightlife meat alternatives ground simili-viande hachee smart dogs bacon lightlife plant-based a wale vegetale gimme lean

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