Sobeys Flyer - 09/10-09/16/2020 (Page 3)

meat sterling silver sterling silver eye of round roast or steaks family size cut from canada aaa grade beef value size compliments fresh air-chilled boneless skinless chicken thighs fresh skinless pork sterling butterball rusingle sword turkey breast poitrine de dinde sterling silver top sirloin beef beusage perfect for brining and smoking to create your own "home-style" bacon zip-pak suteriale bacon style genre bacon nouveau butterball bacon-rasher butterball turkey bacon or rasher menonomea beyond beef wonomia fresh pork tenderloin butterball fresh boneless skinless certified tender tendreté certifiée try with our souvlaki marinade an essential part of greek cuisine with oregano pepper and lemon sterling sterling silver t-bone steaks family size cut from canada aaa grade beef buddig lous ham jambon peamea planen bacon olland bacon dos dans semoule nais carl buddig sliced lou's sliced peameal bacon 454g wong wing sweet & sour chicken poulet aidos poco compliments shepherd's pie páte chinois wong wing original egg rolls pâtés impériaux wird bonus mies buy 1 at $6.99 buy 2 or more beyond meat ground beef or mild or hot italian pogo original 10 pk all beef 8 pk or breakfast compliments farmhouse or wong wing entrées spring rolls or egg uf wx20po3

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