Staples Flyer - 06/02-06/15/2021 (Page 9)

stock up on a range of ppe essentials at lower prices save 25% save $5 save $3 live clean hand sanitizer desinfectant pour les mains zytec zytec germistik germ buster trusted since 2004 disinfectant wipes 100 all pron live clean 98% plant and naturally derived ingredients · dermatologist tested - preservative lemoncitron lingetres disiniciantes aire 3-ply non-medical disposable face single-use and non-medical masks for the general public 7.5" x 4"x4" all-purpose disinfectant wipes lemon scented caution attention save 20% save 15% save 50% reference labs hand hand sanitizer with 75% • instant hand sanitizer kills harmful bacteria and germs when soap and water are not available reusable dual layered • two-strap design allow easy wearing all clean all clean natural disinfecting peroxide wipes with aloe vera kills 99% of bacteria fungi and viruses fragrance free & free of bleach and dye save 10% save $10 save 10% eco wash reg 26.99 lich aurelia distinct latex powder-free examination gloves • examination gloves • patented honeycomb texture aurelia exclusive! jul berrcom non-contact infrared thermometer non-contact infrared thermometer ecological antibacterial hand soap with aloe vera • antibacterial and eco-friendly paraben-free stop! design print market i ship help prevent the spread of covid-19 no more than 6 people are allowed in the store at one time nom நான solutionshop starting at wash your hands thank you for practicing social distancing safety products and communication materials to protect employees and customers against covid-19 customizable indoor and outdoor signs order online at ill

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