T&T Supermarket Flyer - 03/06-03/12/2020 (Page 2)

大統華t&t 震撼價 ottawa store only riredie frozen cooked shrimp 急凍基圍蝦 product of thailand produit de thailande care frozen whole cooked head-on white shrimp crevettes d'élevage cuites entières avec carapace et tête gmp haccp model 300 frozen skin on lamb ribs 急凍帶皮燒焗羊排 chinese white radish 唐蘿蔔 china uan ric 己即止。 last customer service hotline for more specials advertised prices and product selection may vary by store 所有商品數量有限,售完為止,不另設兌換券。 prize 片僅供參考,商品銷售數量、價格、顏色。 unintentional errors that may occur in the copy or illustrations 規格以現場陳列為準。 join us on facebook 請成為我們的粉絲

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