T&T Supermarket - Waterloo Flyer - 01/28-02/03/2022 (Page 7)

year of the tiger bakery 年七城市 年 六將 lunar new year cake 純米年糕 delicious traditional rice cakes made of high quality sticky rice with subtle sweetness and sticky texture 傳統年糕,過年必備 芝士 年糕 烤 年糕 made fresh in store cream baked rice cake 現烤 現 cheese cake durian 榴槤 orginal 原味 coconut 椰香 mango 芒果 salted egg yolk 金沙 walnut 核桃 durian 榴槤 brown sugar tapioca jelly 黑糖粉粿 led 联 蛋黃酥 lotus seed matcha pastry with egg yolk 生乳捲 金宝露營 賀歲蛋糕可 chinese new year 新春

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