T&T Supermarket Black Friday 2020 - Ottawa Flyer - 11/27-12/03/2020 (Page 2)

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ya-li pear 鴨梨 yu-choy 油菜 mexico 即止。 chinese lettuce mexico 即止 red papaya box 箱裝紅肉木瓜 brazil 售完 即正月 china no.1 grade only rpg 五六日- only rb b六日- only rr 「 fri sat sun mon | lb 五六日- frozen raw ablone meat 急凍小鮑魚肉 only 只限 fri sat sun mon 五六日- frozen breaded tempura shrimp 急凍天婦羅炸蝦 frozen cooked shrimp 急凍鳳尾熟蝦an evel jewel frozen anago kabayaki 急凍蒲燒鰻 “ cardon ban wherla umetes testance pac oue cuis 签到 fresh pork shoulder butt airpk fresh rwa boneless pork chop 新鮮全自然豬肉眼 liberterre fresh pork back ribs 新鮮小背脊肉排 fresh beef shank digital muscle 新鮮金錢腱 only rr 「 fri sat sun mon 五六日- only re | fri sat sun mon 五六日- only rr 五六日- only 只限 fri sat sun,mon 五六日- flb vefa frozen durian pulp with seed honghu eco fishery spicy vefa冷凍有核榴槤 flavour frozen crayfish 洪湖漁家麻辣小龍蝦 new 新商品 gdl steamed bun boiled salted duck egg 薄鹽熟鹹蛋 frozen durian pulp with seed durian concele 西总算也 lkk panda oyster sauce 李錦記熊猫蠔油 dsh dried products selected 大山合南北貨系列 little sheep hot pot soup base selected 小肥羊 dabaisha peanut 巨量有機大粒花生 白沙花生米 and up haows nissin demae itcho bowl selected t&t fine dry noodles selected vita drinks selected 1.8kg-2kg chaokoh 100% coconut water 秋菊椰子水 char 大華 chaonor | colo spi15 bakery egg white tarts 甜奶蛋白達 6pcs want want rice crackers zjy noodle snack selected 動量 》 bags deluxe kogiku sushi set bbq lamb ribs 燒羊排骨 t&t kitchen 小菊壽司 fried brown rice with seafood & garlic 糙米蒜香 海皇炒飯 bean curd with tray t&t 大花蕾 大統華tt shop online her tntsupermarket.com find us on facebook 成為我們的物体 follow t&t wechat official account subscribe t&t youtube channel 關注大統華微信公眾號 訂閱大統華youtube頻道 check our website tight to limit quantities descriptions take precedence over photos solutions in this advertisement do not necessarily presentiem for more spedals 本團告知申请后到国的 aash用中性 所有商品數量有限,售完為止;不另設兑换券 片墨供參考,產品或感的售者皆·雷格·色·魏格以现地展出。

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