Thrifty Foods Flyer - 07/09-07/15/2020 (Page 4)

on the seafood bc fresh rockfish caught in bc waters strawberry cheesecake wedge compliments two-bite treats fudge brownies cinnamon rolls or macaroons componente on sale compte we pick per 100g first more on sale maple smoked sockeye salmon nuggets product of vancouver white shrimp shrimp seay srevettes alone while som crevettes buch seas compliments mini muffins brownie cakes on sale on sale bc wild spot prawns headless caught in bc waters ocean's yellowfin ahi tuna steaks or thai chili frozen on sale on sale puma steais durnes de thon anager black tuna steaks on sale on sale darnes de thon made with real cream each per 100g new per pack cream pies coconut cookies & cream or raspberry swirl buns sweet and spicy pepper or pizza baked in-store bc fresh lingcod fillets caught in bc waters bc cedar grilling planks product of vancouver island bc coastal grilling planks on sale on sale on sale on sale each bc cheftips for more information on cooking on a cedar plank each perpack thrifty kitchens soup made in victoria al pastor or barbacoa burritos thrifty kitchens cabbage roll made in victoria eel spicy thai feel-good chicken on sale on sale post beganes each each each cms cheese & deli take it to go! castello traditional blue sensations by compliments goat cheese log tickler cheddar or fontina cheese random weight works out to 25% off frico gouda product of the netherlands random weight works out to 20% off on sale each natural pastures mozzarella di bufala parmesan grated or shredded product of canada random weight goura holland masala - atta starting at on sale on sale on sale per 100g per 100g per 100g mastro sensations by compliments european style salami summer or peppered on sale san daniele mortadella or mastro capocollo or prosciutto cotto nortable more sunrise oven roasted turkey random weight deli served leoncini italian cotto ham random weight deli served on sale on sale per 100g or 1 for $4.99 thrifty foods

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