Thrifty Foods Flyer - 01/02-01/08/2020 (Page 11)

auch lesbi yeshi hippie snacks burnaby trusted 2018 british columbia partner since zuio mill bay trusted 2019 british columbia partner since lui eve's crackers langley trusted 2018 fatso victoria trusted 2018 british columbia partner since british columbia partner since we pick read more about our local partners at thriftyfoods local is about people we'd like to introduce a few families behind some of the locally grown and produced products found in our stores first eve's crackers eve's crackers are handmade packed with fibre and protein from the goodness of canadian vegan and ketogenic friendly eve's crackers check all the boxes hippie snacks started hippie snacks by inventing new flavours of tortilla chips made with whole food tastes better" - which is why we are sustainable farmers and processors yeshi dressing that's fit for gluten free and vegetarian diets slightly sweet and creamy with a subtle flavour of garlic complemented by a cheesy yeshi flavour for every dish! fatso butter was created by jill with the goal of be the essential nut butter for athletes but it's also great for those who like to eat ideal for those trying the keto diet real tood tastes better gluten rel eve's crackers chili pepper pumpkin seed savoury sunflower or black vice hippie avocado crisps hippie snacks cauliflower or avocado crisps real food tastes better made in burnaby hippie de cauliflower black sesame sesame noir gluten fue real food tastes better istoc real togo tastes et hippie pe cauliflower crisos ciutin vegas hippie avocado crisps savoury sunflower tournesol savoureux ketogenic on sale on sale each chili pepper pumpkin seed graine de citrouille piment origal we pick we pick oluten each bc | gf first first guacamole yeshi nutritional yeast dressings made in mill bay assorted varieties fatso peanut butter all natural high performance hybrid peanut butter with plant based superfats crunchy salted caramel based in victoria nutrition chili fatso fatso nutrit crunchy salted caramel caramel salé croquant original smoky chipotle gh performance peanut butt alue ginger sesame on sale on sale soo alle each gluten we pick first each we pick first free thrifty foods te-fw36-jono jonopg11

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