Thrifty Foods Flyer - 04/22-04/28/2021 (Page 12)

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gardening grow enjoy two weeks two weeks of savings! here's the dist soil on our we pick first wil pick first remium organic potting soil is locally produced on vancouver island utilizing cinnabar's unique west coast soil on sale on sale mixed spring we pick "soils are not available at the port moody edgemont or morgan cross locations grown in victoria 10" pot first lilac grown in abbotsford each on sale gardener's choice organic top soil produced in nanaimo hydrangea assorted colours grown in victoria 12" pot each gardeners choice 24l bag rich organic top soil organic on sale we pick clematis and assorted vines assorted varieties grown in aldergrove first oso easy hot paprika pav on sale on sale each perennials assorted varieties grown in victoria 4" pot island's finest organic compost produced in nanaimo 10kg bag sunorita con win fines slari mix & match annuals assorted varieties grown in victoria in full bloom color choice tonerings organic compost mix on sale organic on sale on sale roses each organic compost mix wepic per flat west coast gardener mushroom or steer manure produced in nanaimo 9kg bag westcoast westcoasi we pick все free ushrooms first amaralborgere organic manube valoagark we pick on sale on sale first assorted varieties grown in victoria 2.5" pot on sale herbs assorted varieties grown in victoria 4" pot each organic potting soil produced in nanaimo 20l bag cinnabar valley labs premium organ we pick first potting soil we pick first on sale vegetable on sale on sale lettuce and veggies assorted varieties grown in victoria assorted varieties grown in victoria each alharpeserlines thrifty foods tf_wks2_p11

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