Thrifty Foods Flyer - 01/20-01/26/2022 (Page 2)

floral let our customer care representatives put you in touch with the thrifty foods floral designer each compliments caesar cesar we pick each first compliments caesar salad kit product of usa tropical plants in hanging basket assorted grown in surrey 6" pot roasters bc roasting potatoes grown in delta or vancouver island each tulips assorted colours 10-stem bunch each each daffodils grown in chilliwack we pack we pick first first each with fern grown in surrey 2" pot first priced each we pick first gerbera plant assorted colours grown in surrey 6" pot each assorted colours 7" pot each in decor basket 4" pot we pic bc anjou pears grown in the okanagan valley first bulk first crumbs each dan-d pak snacking mixes hoog mac mix salted or unsalted each dek sier talen.alis melange stain raspberries or blackberries product of mexico chocolate or yogurt covered % organic off almonds varieties each each! candy tubs or cups selected red inspired greens living lettuce multileaf trio red or green batavia grown in alberta huer gummies gélifiés organic tf wk 39 poz

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