Thrifty Foods Flyer - 06/23-06/29/2022 (Page 15)

each bergen farms bc strawberries grown in abbotsford weather permitting panastorage marbles season sharp coace we pick first croissants baked in-store "same item of equal or lesser value ethical bean coffee ethical bean coffee or pods nabob roast & ground coffee selected varieties we pick first off* at till paradise island random cut cheese includes organic varieties and long sticks packaged www in nanaimo for pricing coca-cola or pepsi soft drinks 6x710 ml ⓒ get 3rd 50%off etalles compliments ready-to-eat popcorn $3.69 each coca-cola pepsi pepsi "same item of equal or lesser value this week's outch- pedigre dentastix blue bonus $12 old dutch potato chips original bonus miles high provin when you buy any oder air miles tf_wk08 p12 compliments buy get free nabob tradition thrillin' grillin' each heinz ketchup heinz ketchup 5.⁹9 each halvana yeshi dressing sawmill sesame steak sauce quest verser sur to classic classique pette a tartiner 3.⁹9 or halvana tahini squeeze sesame summer hacks rub half an onion over hot crates to loosen and lift food residue mza each jumbo each sh is be shreddies tri-flavour fresh is best tortilla chips made in kamloops value size bonus thrifty kitchens beef maui ribs boneless product of victorial fresh pork tenderloin product of western canada kellogg's or post jumbo cereal selected thrifty kitchens yeshi origin kellogg's vector eue pedigree or dry dog food 2-14 kg see in store pricing uty origin sawmill same svetla chips we pick first bonus miles when you buy any

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