Thrifty Foods Flyer - 10/08-10/14/2020 (Page 11)

inn source local eat happy on sale westcoast rye bread made with wheat and rye grown in western canada! strathcona grain bread made with unbleached flour from wheat grown and milled in western canada each on sale on sale chipmunk bread made with fresh sunflower and flax sweetened with honey and loved by chipmunks everywhere! each each baked in-store daily made with unbleached untreated rye flour from rye grown harvested and processed in western canada buy more on sale each each or 1 for $1.99 bonus miles when you buy any white or whole wheat bread made with unbleached milled in western canada! peninsula harvest made with 7 whole grains with real honey and brown sugar on sale on sale on sale cheese or raisin bread cheese bread made with western canadian grown and milled wheat! and canadian cheddar cheese butter crust bread made with butter baked right in!! each each each focus on strengthening our communities by supporting our partners and neighbours eat happy from right across beautiful british columbia hippie snacks cauliflower or avocado crisps meal poster skippy's perfect pop popcorn is completely gmo free and small real footasins hipas gyes hippe hippie cauliflowe cauliflower crisps vocado crisps crisps on sale bench we pick mom skou skippys each first shappys skippy's caramel crunch addys eve's crackers chili pepper pumpkin seed savoury sunflower or black sesame questo bcn eve's eve's skippys eve's usic skippys skippys skippys skippys avoury unflower durnesol voureux peanut crunch chili pepper pumpkin seed black graine de citrouille moment sesame sesame noir skippys peanut crunc on sale on sale peanut crunca on sale we pick we pick we pick first each skippy's popcorn first first thrifty foods tf_wk24_p11

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