Thrifty Foods Flyer - 08/06-08/12/2020 (Page 3)

meat sterling sterling silver beef top sirloin steaks aaa grade beef bc fresh organic chicken all size packages product of abbotsford sterling silver fresh medium ground chuck beef patties on sale on sale on sale certified we pick tender tendretévalue certifiée size per lb off at till each organic sterling bc fresh chicken legs thrifty kitchens fresh sausages product of victoria sensations by compliments fresh flattened chicken tandoori half chicken memari tikka portuguese morty on sale on sale on sale per lb we pick bc value first size bonus miles per lb we pick first thority per lb perpack fresh turkey thighs product of western canada fresh beef stir-fry strips all size packages maple leaf natural smoked side bacon back bacon or ready crisp bacon or greenfield bacon never ever brities suy more natural bacon naturel original on sale on sale per lb per lb or 1 for $6.99 freybe compliments chicken wings selected frozen compliments freybe ham sticks regular or honey product of langley freybe butterball turkey burgers frozen "am sticks pinty's man cave jumbo wieners or italian seasoned street dawg pinty's sham back butterball original ham sticks lean compliments alter everyday turkey on sale burgers pinty's stheit de on sale mer on sale free on sale each each gluten we pick first each each wanyou seafood fresh wild coho salmon fillets smoked sockeye salmon lox trim product of vancouver previously frozen wild sockeye salmon burgers spinach & feta chipotle teriyaki or on sale on sale on sale first of the season per 100g per 100g we pick first per 100g per pack bc sole fillets caught in bc waters selva black tiger shrimp sustainably grown frozen janes fish fillets breaded or battered selected janes ultimates shrimp skewers multigrain hadiock selva shrimp selva shrimp janes ultimates battered haddock on sale on sale on sale on sale we pick per 100g each each first certifié par l'agence canadienne de classement du boeuf thrifty foods

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