TSC Stores Flyer - 03/15-12/31/2021 (Page 104)

more choices every day @ peaveymart.com dewalt harvest king dewalt 20v max harvest king lon grease gun an anti-debris filter king grease tube dewalt shell rotella mp bo-prpose ton grease bussejuthium proposito edo uth-flex elete kk 400g shell rotella mp grease shell rotella mp multi-purpose grease is designed for graisse lith-f multipurpose grease ausages mult lubrication of on and off-road vehciles and equipment all season lithium base multi-purpose grease grease cs 1.1 milwaukee 400g shell shell heavy duty m18 speed grease gun kit & m12tm multi-voltage charger & shell rotella sd bnisse specialisée robone bacon tilwaukee besede haute tenue portere qualite rajos especiales 400g shell rotella heavy rotella hd duty grease grease for on and off-road corrosion resistance and load carrying capacity reto rotella special duty grease temperature grease for vehicle and equipment lubrication in nlgi no zmsoil zmsoil the first in functie the first in stics za soil synthetic multi-purpose grease ayoil synthetic kater-resistant grease pistol grip grease gun sd with 18" flex hose knurling 397g synthetic multi-purpose grease reduces friction and wear in high-speed high-temperature components like wheel components running clean and trouble free for outstanding performance and long recommendation 397g synthetic water-resistant grease resists water washout and protection for boat trailer wheel bearings and other components frequently exposed to water protects against rust synthetic water-resistant grease pistol grip grease gun hd with 18" flex hose knurling heavy duty quick release grease coupler withstands high pressures without splashes when disconnecting pistol grip grease gun strong and durable release catch holder for easy cartridge extension pipe and a grease coupler

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