TSC Stores - Holiday 2020 Flyer - 12/10-12/16/2020 (Page 12)

save save 40% dewalt kerosene heater heating element cycles on and off to maintain the long lasting maintenance free use dewalt 20v max sofety tip over switch reg 27.09 dawaly dewalt comfort zone garet tour ftatea ear save $13 save $25 electric heater ceramic heater hear settings and save $10 fon.only selling hos 2 heots setting power and safety alarm indicator ligh and comes in a stay cool metal housing comfort confort save $400 save $50 save $50 epa vzhled pleasant hearth medium wood stove online only mr heater radiant propane heater designed and approved for emergency indoor & outdoor use ceiling mount heater remote control for convenient thows current & sel temperature ceramic gloss window offers large viewing oreo save 40% save $100 ecopure bluetooth shoplight water softener high quality bluetooth specker led with lens cover ideal for families of 1 to 4+ looking for and helps your water-using appliances last longer by allowing them to rom more efficiently garage essentials at tsc save $2 save 15% all energizer batteries energizer assein on aa4 energizer unters bell + howell bionic light energizer congue borgir +aa20 bright cob led each bionic boll requires jaaa batteries bert energizer ans save $5 save $10 save $60 worklight set 35' pro-glo extension cords all batteries included reg 24.99 an oberlighted plug indicates that there is power in the outlet submersible sump pump with tethered float switch primite reliable outomatic operation for use in basins 14 or greater red lion save $30 save $60 save $50 energy star security light barn door automatic sump pump battery backup system rustic sliding interior door reduce the risk of costly save $50 black iron slide door mounting hardware save 10% save 10% all casters use to heavy duty save 10% all metal stock & shapes metol shopes save 15% all automatic electric pipe heating cables assorted him to choose from faucet freeze protector keeps foucet from freeting in cold temperatures dicowapplies to relor de discoth applies to regular price remony discount pie regulor prices only peavey

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