Walmart Flyer - 07/09-07/15/2020 (Page 4)

1000s of rollbacks on "armstrong gatorade assorted varieties armstrong armstrong cheese block assorted varieties rollback save 2.30 rollback save $2 zero zero zero marble mareri pack was 5.97 was 6.77 activia activia nutella simply simply orange rellback save 80€ activia 650 g or oikos extra creamy assorted varieties rollback save $1 was 5.47 simply orange juice or lemonade or gold peak tea rollback save 80€ was 5.77 each was 3.47 nutella nowe vinta nature valley nature valley sweet & salty real dairy from man sarrocciolan breton oreo rollback save 80€ rollback save 2.50 rollback save 1.10 breton or vinta crackers assorted types and sizes nestlé real dairy or confectionery tubs assorted varieties nature valley premium or fibre 1 bars assorted types and sizes each was 2.77 was 6.47 each was 3.57 takis pro original rollback save 50¢ rollback save 760 rellback save 50€ great value white vinegar takis assorted varieties humpty dumpty party mix or extruded snacks was 1.97 was 3.23 was 2.97 great value gre basa son great value frozen fish fillets assorted varieties and sizes rollback save $1 great value fully cooked ribs marcangelo pork or chicken souvlaki kabob rollback value save $2 pack each was $11 your fresh market muffins assorted varieties rollback save 500 pack was 4.97 was 7.97 rana sabra tmc claudio real beter boursin entrer gulf rollback save 80c rellback save $1 rollback save 1.79 was 5.76 sabra hummus assorted varieties boursin cheese assorted varieties was 3.77 rana pasta was $5 aveeno similac similac aveeno bay seritag similac advanie site sirillag similac advance rollback save $1 similac advance ready to feed bottles rollback save $8 aveeno baby toiletries assorted types and sizes or total comfort rollback save 7.49 similac advance or sensitive concentrated liquid rollback save 5.33 each was 49.97 was 6.97 pack was 47.98 value pack was 45.97 walmart

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