Walmart Flyer - 01/14-01/20/2021 (Page 14)

welcome home low prices ninja keurig ninja master prep blender keurig keurig k-mini single-serve coffee maker each was $78 rollback save $20 keuric keurig hamilton beach air fryer each hamilton beach was 74.97 rollback save $15 tlal hamilton beach shark ninja hamilton beach rollback save 61.97 shark rocket ultra-light corded stick vacuum rollback save $30 rollback save $40 ninja foodi tender crisp pressure cooker and air fryer grat led a19 led mag smart bulb great value wiz 60 w a19 smart bulb each wiz great value light bulbs accuweight digital body composition scale save more on tech hem on rca limited quantities tetra 4k uhd smart tv 3x hdmi 4k uhd rolcu smart tv hdr10 free roku mobile app 3x hdmi cal rca 58" 4k uhd smart tv rca 65" 4k uhd roku smart tv each samsung android 2gb ram storage microsd alcatel chatr lg velvet with bell smartpay bell with virgin sweet pay chatr alcatel 1b prepaid device each samsung galaxy tab a8 32gb tablet each also available in silver $ down % apr lg velvet 5g postpaid phone auto deve valvoline valvoline autodrive wiper blades was 9.97 rollback save 3.20 quaker state conventional motor oil each 5w-20 was 27.97 rollback save 11.70 valvoline advanced synthetic motor oil was 48.97 rollback save $24 sae 5w-30 agyanced durability durabilite superieure jadi sw-30 stearly or you change your ratepanto non eligible rate plan your in-store product ability may vary based on covd-19 regulation in your en walmart

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