Walmart Flyer - 05/19-05/25/2022 (Page 4)

always low prices tim hortons simply wange decaf tim hortons simply lemende mense coffee premium ser cowee tim hortons instant coffee was 6.74 save now! save 1.77 eet rollback save 640 simply orange juice or lemonade or gold peak tea was 6.28 wheat thins vegetable mccain breakfast dejeun mccain superfries or premium breakfast homefries was 2.87 fons mccain ritz christie crackers selected varieties superfries save now! save 40¢ original or 2.47 each ser astro smooth h fenty astro original or smooth 'n fruity yogurt tubs gilla gallo extra virgin olive oil each.1l was 9.97 strawberry astro original extra virgin olive oil hoile d'olive eura vierge save now! save $4 natural togourt bubly bubly sparkling water beverage was 4.97 kraft sparkling water cheez cheer whiz was 8.47 whiz rollback save 50¢ limebubly rollback save $2 famiya heinz mayoracha heinz mayochup lays doritos classic மேடம் cheetos een nac har brick the keg img rollback save $3 mayoracha 490 ml or mayochup 560 ml lay's chips cheetos or doritos selected varieties the keg bbq seasonings was 7.97 each or 3.27 each becel unsa real whipped cream light che అమలు becel suce carp ho real whipped cream gay lea whipped cream was 3.68 starbucks coffee enhancer was 7.47 nances salad rollback save 40¢ rollback save 1.80 rollback save 1.50 becel bricks was 5.77 hcc printed items and prices available at walmart stores in canada only and only for stores in the distribution area of this pefc printed on may 6th walmart

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