Walmart Flyer - 05/30-06/05/2019 (Page 3)

the confidence of knowing we price-check 1000s of items weekly collab goldfish goldfish cheddar care takis fuego cheddar rollback save 530 each was $3 each goldfish crackers new! quia rear doaws ohhenry! bear paves ich cookies pipps derich cookies multi multi chocolate bars assorted varieties quaker granola bars chewy or dipps each bear paws cookies teele benso quaker quaker uncle bens bistad bistro maple resmice multi quaker hot cereal assorted varieties and sizes smucker's jam or jif peanut butter assorted varieties and sizes multi uncle ben's bistro rice assorted types and sizes multi or 3.a7 each did uutch old uutch bbq ripol italian talinh campagni old dutch potato dutch crunch 2009 or restaurante multi multi kraft salad dressing great value frozen vegetables rellback save 294 each was 2.27 or 2.97 each of 2.77 each men gine food pizza pops mese seau • new pops buxojerris hall baked யே "armstrong denser neuenire extraaz pillsbury pizza pops 4-pack frozen assorted varieties rollback save 674 pack was 2.64 armstrong cheese block assorted varieties rollback save 1.47 each was 5.94 häagen-dazs or ben & jerry's tubs assorted varieties activia liberté erec greek nano source rollback save 1.31 was 3.78 multi logo nano drinkable yogurt" assorted varieties 6x93 ml activia tubs assorted varieties source 16-pack or liberté 750 g tub yogurt assorted varieties nen schweppe zero zero delight isdad rollback save 500 multi multi international delight coffee creamer pepsi or schweppes assorted varieties was 4.47 gatorade assorted types or 4.47 och of 5.97 each hotel seartacats

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