Walmart Flyer - 05/13-05/19/2021 (Page 4)

add savings to the menu twieders nibs cheezit cheezit new! new! ter extra cheesy four cheese twizzlers twists torsades real onese real cheese hershey twizzlers varieties and sizes was 2.48 rollback save 51c cheez-it crackers was 2.97 rollback save $1 perfa perles ' flavoure toure graves crisp green apple juice original pringles pringles pringles crisper bbq graves all bits bites méli-melo coo 90 graves apple juice each 945 ml - 1l crispers bits & bites or ritz chips selected varieties pringles or 1.97 each or 2.25 each tostatos lays mas vickies welch's classic cloud premium juice ice bars oral res ricette oruger valletta strips rectangles motts fruitsations song juice ice bars value icon tostitos tortilla chips varieties and sizes lay's or miss vickie's party size chips varieties and sizes mott's fruitsations or welch's juice ice bars 36-pack swanson frnd pole prir clover leaf sockeye salmon wild red pacific swanson salinan cover canne ridoute angos kolman yellow inte olive one rol brownie domir rollback save 2.20 clover leaf sockeye salmon or yellowfin tuna club pack or hereford corned beef was 5.97 swanson frozen entrees selected varieties or 2.68 each coro knorr sidekick rinorr sidekicks cwmy bacon card caron philadelphia breakfast bowl bol déjeuner original festuccine alfredo original see philadelphia breakfast bowl bol déjeuner dddd knorr sidekicks selected varieties multi philadelphia cream cheese great value breakfast bowls or burnbrae farms egg bakes! quiche or 1.47 each or 4.27 each gre traditional cavendish al-day breakfast sliced strawberries fraises tranchies cavendish flavour crisp edor mélange de petits fraits stick libe maxwell house- cavendish farms premium frozen fries selected varieties great value frozen fruit melitta ground coffee single-serve 30s each of 2.97 each save $20 off your first online grocery order" use promo code canada2o see back cover for details

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