Zehrs Flyer - 05/20-05/26/2021 (Page 3)

food lovers unite zehrs sale save $5 lb pe optimum members get it this week's exclusive offers for pc optimum members beef striploin grilling steak icut from canada aa or usda select grade beef or higher see back page for details member price non-member price chicken drumsticks thighs minimum chicken breast fillets jumbo seedless watermelon each fresh atlantic salmon portions selected varieties or previously frozen icelandic cod or haddock portions member price non-member price multi less than 650e ea pork picnic roast cryovac pkg corn product of u.s.a chicken bucket served hot or chilled available in the great to go department chapmans sandwich chemi glacie astro original original or iogo yogurt selected varieties heinz ketchup miracle whip spread selected varieties miracle whip chapman's premium ice cream or sorbet supers or yukon novelties 5-20's selected varieties frozen chapmans premium kecream activia heinz ketchup tomato alk tomas french vanilla multi less than 2 $2.49 ea giuseppe pulleria pc natural spring water spring source giuseppe pizza easy pizzi selected varieties giuseppe frozen coca-cola or pepsi soft drinks selected varieties pops pizzeria thin chisternute minceu seturi spring nestlé pure life water nesho water pure lije coca-cola coca cola food lovers love the pc insiders report" zeh1

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