Zehrs Flyer - 07/09-07/15/2020 (Page 4)

locally farmed locally found nature's finest produce was started in 1994 by two brothers who grew up burger topping ontario multi dolces 24 marche carrots carottes nutario growns less than 2 $2.99 ea ontario grown canada farmer's market carrots product of ontario canada no.1 grade dill cucumbers product of ontario lavet lat voimit poivros doux live lettuce laitve vivante ontario ontario farmer's market extra large sweet peppers product of ontario 3's pc live lettuce product of ontario 2's good oileaf tarmers jitur doa march ripp mill creek farm good leaf farmers mapende daces wische ontario par plass multi ontario farmer's market apples less than 2 $3.89 ea product of ontario selected varieties ontario mill creek fresh peas product of ontario good leaf microgreens selected varieties product of ontario potatoes of the world ivory russet ontro strawberries fraises neonario kwa muda holy based ontario pc organics baby or sliced king oyster mushrooms product of ontario canada ontario ivory russet potatoes product of canada pc greenhouse strawberries product of ontario canada no.1 grade suche cara bello ruby uttle gens rousses golden uttle gens dorées canada multi orden coro ontario less than 2 $3.99 ea pc organics portobello mushroom caps product of ontario ontario pc little gems mini potatoes product of canada canada no.1 grade pc organics tomatoes on the vine product of ontario 4's smoothie smoothie ary optimum pls canada ontario cabbage product of ontario each ontario loop smoothies selected varieties product of canada pc organics beefsteak tomatoes product of ontario canada no.1 grade

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