Zehrs Flyer - 07/15-07/21/2021 (Page 2)

zehrs optimum members get it this week's exclusive offers for pc optimum members optim gar seked wild sockete silmin saumon sockeye sauvige fume see back page for details copicana tropicana orange juice yogurt 16's or liberté greek yogurt starbucks iced selected varieties pc smoked salmon selected varieties frozen pts liberté greek that's like $2 in points for every $10* spent on any clover leaf item selected varieties and sizes buy 2 get pts jos becel original mole tre griginal becel margarine selected varieties etites vachon or hostess snack cakes little bites snack 234-g selected varieties doch little bites clover leaf sockeye salmon wild red pacific erant based ols multi less than 2 $4.99 ea gara clover leaf chunk light tuna skipack in waters lut bed fruces toplam pts pc frozen fruit selected varieties mango mangues pepperidge farm goldfish crackers selected varieties goldfish goldfish bake cheddar cheddar real cheese that's like $3 in points for every $15* spent on club house spices and extracts selected varieties and sizes multi less than 2 $3.49 ea oto casa di mama neilson neilson dairy half creamer half zostorante cred pizza spinace neilson cream selected varieties or casa di mama pizza selected varieties frozen la grille paprika no sugar moet namon sogar adol del monte oast funch ruit cocktail uleerios selected varieties del monte canned fruit uced peaches selected varieties earn double points this weekend multi less than 2 s5.49 ea @peps terra sinal rra sdad sweets & beets terra vegetable chipstes douces et betteraves selected varieties or pepsi soft drinks selected varietésse gola esso mobil + pe optimum coca-cola and mobi-stations during offer period $1299 finish cesar dog foods variety pack selected areas finish 40-55's gain laundry detergent gain or downy fabric selected varieties box pc 10 inch summer annual planter selected vareties each hanging basket selected varieties each cesar gain entrees repas zeh back

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